Strategic Partnership

  • Assisting Our Clients to move closer to its long term objectives
  • Transfer of all resources and costs associated with non core functions to i4-SBF
  • Ttransfer complete cost of ownership to i4-SBF
  • Develop a long term income stream to fund future growth and development (self funding)
  • Reduction in transportation costs with reliable dependable vehicle fleets.
  • Immediate operating costs reduction (12% - 15%)
  • Sustainable savings and contributions to profit
  • Sustainable positive environmental impact
  • Value creation through cost reduction and avoidance
  • Dedicated controlled supplier base
  • Local community skills development
  • Local community economic development and support
  • Transfer of risks
  • Functional integration and administration
  • Integrated information systems
  • 24hr availability and performance
  • Integrated evaluation and performance management systems
  • Complete central database administration and reporting